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Become part of a growing community of medical billers and get access to valuable education, resources and tools that will help you succeed as an efficient and knowledgeable biller.

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Medical Biller University™ is for you.

Whether you are just starting a new medical billing career or have been a medical biller for years

You are stuck trying to figure out how to start your medical billing business

Your business is up and running but you’re struggling to find provider clients

Or you are looking for up-to-date information on various topics to maximize your success

I strive to make sure that you’ll find what you need for your personal and professional growth in the field of medical billing:

In-depth information on how the medical billing process works

Step-by-step instructions for becoming an efficient and successful medical biller

Tips for dealing with insurance companies, patients, and healthcare providers

Valuable resources that will help you navigate the complex world of medical billing

A supportive community of professionals who are committed to helping each other succeed 

What’s Inside Medical Biller University™

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Your successful medical billing career starts here!



Members can attend our exclusive masterclasses every month to gain knowledge of medical billing, coding, and other related subjects including business.



A platform for members to discuss relevant topics with like-minded individuals in the same field, helping them gain more insight into the industry.



You’ll have access to experienced medical billers and revenue cycle management experts who can provide advice and guidance on topics related to medical billing. You’ll also be able to learn from their experiences and improve your knowledge base.



Joining Medical Biller University™ is a great way to become accountable for your success. We will help you get the clarity you need, discuss realistic expectations and provide resources to help you achieve your goals.



With access to the latest information, news updates, and best practices in the industry, you can rest assured that you will have the tools necessary to succeed.

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MBU membership provides many benefits, but one of the best is a chance to earn AAPC medical billing certification. You can enroll in our online interactive  prep course and review classes to help you pass your CPB exam.

Medical Biller University™ 

Inside Medical Biller University™ you can gain access to our expanding network of medical billing specialists.


You will also have access to educational resources, live masterclasses, business coaching and CPB exam review classes.

Through interesting debates, chats, and events, you'll also get the ability to network with other medical billers, in one location.

Join Medical Biller University™ in January and you'll automatically receive the founding member discount.



Learn from a leader with real-world experience.

This powerful new learning platform features access to:

Live educational webinars that allow you to earn CEUs every month

All new masterclasses on how to start and grow a profitable medical billing business

Live Q&A sessions to answer your most burning medical billing questions

CPB review classes to help you pass your certification exam

FREE monthly giveaways

And more!

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Medical Biller University™ is for you if …

1. You want to stay informed on changes within the medical billing industry.

2. You are looking for career advancement opportunities.

3.  You need guidance and resources to help you become a better medical biller.

4. You want access to members-only events, such as masterclasses, Q&As and exam review classes that ALL offer continuing education units so you can maintain your certification requirements.

5. And most importantly, you want to be part of a community that is committed to helping each other succeed. 

Don't wait any longer - become a member of the Medical Biller University™ community now and take your career to the next level! 

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Become a Certified Professional Biller!

Medical Biller University™ offers a range of benefits, one of them being earning your medical billing certification by enrolling in Biller BOSS Bootcamp™ for the AAPC CPB prep course.


Certification is a low cost effective way to obtain formal education. You will be affiliated

with the world's largest training and credentialing organization for the business

of healthcare with over 220,000 members worldwide!

Payment Option


$37 $27 / Month


Live Monthly Trainings with CEUs

Accountability/Community Support

FREE Monthly Giveways

Email Support

No Refunds. You Can Cancel Any Time

NOTE: All founding members who join in JANUARY will pay $27 per month. If you join after January,
you will pay $37 per month.

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Quiana Craig is from New York and the owner of Express Medical Billing & Consulting LLC est in 2008 and Ask The Biller®, medical billing training and exam prep company est in 2020. She has a total of 23 years experience working in the business side of healthcare. Her niche is revenue cycle management for solo providers and small group practices.
In addition to ensuring consistent cash flow for her provider clients, she is a licensed AAPC Certified Professional Biller instructor and simplifies learning medical billing. She is passionate about teaching aspiring billers the revenue cycle and how to turn the skill set into a profitable home-based business.
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