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even without experience!
I know first hand how scary it can be starting a business on your own without having a clue!
It was 2006 when I got the opportunity of a lifetime and became a self taught medical biller! I quickly realized the unlimited earning potential if I were
to offer my services independently. So in 2008
without the help  of a mentor or anyone in the business, I decided to form my home based medical billing business while working my 9-5.
I receive so many inquiries about starting a business and as you know, you will only get so far using Google and YouTube. So I'm hosting a live webinar for aspiring and current billing business owners who have lots of questions and want to connect with other like minded professionals on the same path.

Are you ready to discuss all things business?
Some of the topics we will discuss include:
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Medical Billing Basics
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Business Formation
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Tax Deductions
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Liability Insurance
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How to Find Providers
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How to Charge Providers
Communicating with Providers
Interview/Meeting Tips
Business Credit
Billing Education & Training
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*BONUS* 30 day challenge to getting your FIRST provider client!
You don't have to do this alone! 

If you're feeling stuck trying to figure things out, I can assist you reach your goals faster!
Who better to learn from than someone in the business for the last 14 years?!
And as an added BONUS...
 We'll be joined by a very special guest,
Tamara Merced, the owner of Merced's Consulting and AGT Medical Billing Solutions. Tamara is a Registered Nurse turned medical billing business owner and consultant who is going to share her story and some marketing tips that has helped her grow her business from
3-figures to 6-figures per MONTH! I know you'll leave the webinar feeling super inspired.
You don't want to miss it!
We're both looking forward to sharing with you what we have learned over the years. So make a list with all of your questions and register
NOW to reserve your spot.



Medical billing is a 6-figure skillset. The low overhead really makes it a quick-profit business. You can work as an independent contractor (freelance) or form an LLC and get insured for a few hundred dollars.
Anyone can become a medical biller! You do not need any prior healthcare experience nor a college degree. You do not need to know medical terminology. I will teach you all of the fundamentals to jump start your career or business.
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Medical billers work onsite in medical offices, hospitals, nursing homes and from home. You can even work remotely from anywhere in the world with high speed internet access.
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Two things I love most about being a medical biller is the flexibility and freedom it provides so I can be present for my family. It fits MY lifestyle! And I control my earning potential.


Quiana Craig is from New York and the owner of Express Medical Billing & Consulting LLC est in 2008 and Ask The Biller ®, a medical billing exam prep and training business est in 2020. She has a total of 23 years experience working in the business side of healthcare. Her niche is revenue cycle management for solo providers and small group practices.
In addition to ensuring consistent cash flow for her provider clients, she is a licensed AAPC Certified Professional Biller instructor and simplifies learning medical billing. She is passionate about teaching aspiring billers the revenue cycle and how to turn the skillset into a profitable home based business.

There's plenty of opportunity for us ALL to win! Opportunity is knocking and the time is NOW! Did you know you can work for providers in any state? That means UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL! No experience? No problem! I can speed up the learning curve with my hands on billing and software training. Start small with a low volume manageable account.

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Quiana Craig, CPB, CPB-I, CDBS

Licensed AAPC Approved Instructor

Ask The Biller®

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